Embarrassing Inside Scoop on Radiotherapy Spaceship

So today, not much drama to tell. Sadly because I do love to write up a little dramatic concoction once and a while. Half way through my radiation treatment, made similar mistake as day before. Told to wear underwear and vest before treatment. Today forgot to wear underwear and vest again! (I think it's weird people who wear underwear with jammies? Yeah that's right! You're weird!)

The radiation room is massive! Dressing room in one corner and the bed I must lie on directly in other corner. So stripped down again, usually there is only two radiographers in the room so wasn't that fussed about fully exposed run to the bed. However, five junior doctors were introduced to the room before I had time to make the run, leaving me with seven people in the room in which to make 6 meter sprint to the bed fully nude. No one else gave off awkward vibes, just myself as I revealed myself from behind the screen and apologised for "hanging all out" whilst trying to cover my modesty in a crab step like motion across the room. Not only that, the bed is pretty high. That was including a scramble onto the bed with full derrière exposure. Good morning everyone!

What a day full of relaxation. The key to sanity when in hospital for this amount of time is a little routine. Right now I'm not in isolation so I have free reign to wonder and explore (within the ward grounds). Feeling slightly celebrity status-like as everyone in Glasgow greets you when you walk past them. Even a "Hello Rachel!" I'm not used to these bizarre friendly people roaming around so the request I made in my previous blog has been more than met - my nurses are chatty and I'm a BIG fan.

I had one in the other night chatting to me for about 45 minutes about last years episodes of "Love Island;" discussing the nature of he Nathan and Cara Split, Olivia's strive to success on Instagram and what's that pricks name? Begins with "T?" Ditched Marlin? TERRY. Love to hate that hunk.

I have a nurse called Louise, she loves Take That. Mentioned on yesterday's blog, today it was revealed to me today the full extent of the fan. She's caught on that Take That don't tickle my fancy so has taken up a habit of singing it to me when entering upon my cell. Louise is proper LUSH and wears the most fantastic red specs. She's great, so here is my plea. Garry B and the the rest of the boys, I know you're in Glasgow Friday. Pop in to see Louise she's a hard worker and deserves such lovin. I would also just LOVE to see her reaction like a super fan meltdown and have been given permission to record such meltdown. I know there's people out there who read this and could easily get their paws on the boys for 15 mins to meet Louise. In fact I might tweet them and hope they appreciate my honesty. Not a big fan, but I've heard you do a good show and boys, I respect that. You know who loves it more? Louise, nurses work hard man she deserves some close contact eye candy! She's been following them for 25 years and working 12 hour shifts; that ladies and gentleman is dedication. Anyway lovely Louise is going to three shows this weekend so is certainly getting a Take That fix, for which I am glad.


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