Now I Run

The urge of shitting on about how well we have all done at the end of the year is so unfathomably real. This being said I've done better than the lot of you so everyone can shut the hell up. It's a joke! I am only kidding,  please could everyone relax and take a seat... whilst I tell you how amazing I am. Sorry. Now shut up and listen.

First thought, I feel like usually, I can get away with writing like this (rudely) on this blog because normally when writing, I was grumping on about being sick and it acquired copious amounts of sympathy, belly rubs and TLC from my more forgiving readers. Now the story is very different and I am so thankful and so grateful, now that ladies and gentleman, is something that I find very difficult to express by trying to write it down with a few silly words.

This day last year I was in Paris sobbing at the prospect of coming home and being in isolation for six months, potentially more. I had the treatment and ended up in intensive care for almost three weeks. I don't remember anything about those three weeks. All I know is that I had no immune system and was fighting with hardly any oxygen, pneumonia, a severe kidney infection and the flu. I don't remember being afraid, I only remember that everyone around me was terrified. 

Then the month after that my sister gave me a lifeline and I had a transplant from her and it worked! At the end of June this year I left the hospital and I had lost all the strength in my muscles and I wasn't able to walk. 

Bitch.....Now I RUN. 

God only knows how my body made it through this year but my mind was carried through by my incredible family and friends. 

Wake up tomorrow and just listen to your breath and thank God you are ALIVE.


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