Welcome to the Beatson

Writing and posting this almost everyday is starting to feel a little self-indulgent, there is a little voice inside my head that tells me people see I've posted a blog they go berserk, lobbing their laptops and iPads across their living quarters, bellowing "She's posted again, I can't take this misery anymore!".

This is silly of course I know I am amazing and the most interesting person in the world and I'm going to tell you every last tiny detail about my stem cell transplant - tan dah!

Day -8, Welcome to the Beatson.

A chilly welcome, I must admit. I had packed, actually, my mum had packed all my clothes, essentials, fundamental and crucial items into my trusty suitcase. I was left in charge of packing the gadgets and my medication (which I forgot).

I listened to Harry Styles' new tune at least seven times on the ride up in the car. Im going to be honest with you, this morning started with slap in the face. I have been personally mugged off by Harry Styles and he owes me twenty quid. (I bought his album at the seductive price of 20 English Pounds in order to get a pre sale link. The deal was I'd get an email the night before. Did I get the email? Did. I. Buggery. Harry, if you're reading this, you've well and truly mugged me off and I want the full works now, front row, back stage and a seat on the tour bus. He's not even that fit!!

Back to reality, arrived at the Beatson and eventually found my room. Now you must remember that I have been living it up in the lap of luxury in the Teenage Cancer Trust and I promise you I really really was trying my best not to be a misery guts. Normally, I'm a ray of sunshine at most times. In this precise moment however, when room four's door was swung open and exposed to my delicate eyes, I almost keeled over into the arms of the nurse.

This happens everytime I am given a new room, one time I had to move rooms and I was so upset about it I threw my pyjamas at the wall (did some damage that). Then about an hour later I'm settled right in, fluffy socks on, remote in hand and a bag of cookies rested peacefully on my chest. (Where I am at right now)

I asked to stay with my mum in Glasgow go tonight (she is staying in "Marion House" funded by the charity "Clic Sargent", it's incredible. I wasn't allowed to go as I was too dehydrated and my kidneys weren't happy about it. Top tip stay hydrated if you want a chance at leaving a hospital. In the end I did get to leave in the evening for a while. After a stressful day my, mother left with a headache and I left with a tense jaw.

Day one done and it was easy! Well, not much happened apart from a chest X-ray and a ECG heart scan alongside a mild tantrum about the lack of light entering my cell. Oh darlings I am fooling you, I'm settled, happy and ready to get my beauty sleep. À demain!


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