Birthday in Hospital

This week has been somewhat of a fully body dip into hell. I'm kidding really, it wasn't too bad however I'm wondering if I have adapted to p a i n.

It began with cockiness; before going in for my transplant I was severely warned that my mouth, throat all the way down to my oesophagus would "break down." I was warned that then it would be impossible to eat, drink maybe even swallow. I didn't take this at all seriously, yeah yeah that ain't gonna happen to me. Well, it most certainly has happened, true life story, this is real life.

It began with a slow burn in the back of my throat, every time a cookie entered said area; a sharp hot pain took place, like an intruding candle stroking my tonsils. Then, the walls of my mouth enlarged, I looked like I had halved a peach and stuck it in each side of my face. Then came the blisters covering my tongue, tonsils, gums...mmm - sexy!

One evening I started to loose my ability to speak, answer anyones or ask my nurses a question because I couldn't remember what I was saying. Then I started seeing spiders running across the floor, thought my family were all with me at 3am. I finally asked my nurse what was happening and we realised one of the drugs I was taking was making me hallucinate - NO THANKS, so said bye bye to that drug asap.

Forgot to mention, I narrowly avoided another trip to intensive care on my birthday. Luckily I got to have a birthday celebration in my isolation cell - which I'm beginning to warm to.

So here I am, for four days I've not been able to touch even a slither of cake not even a wee can of juice.  A slightly rough week however today, I woke up and could swallow, doctor came in and told me my counts are starting to recover, I said "bog off,  I thought it takes months" (didn't actually say bog off) apparently it depends.  Fingers crossed they come up swiftly and I can pack my bags and get back doon the road.


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